The only Digital Shelf & Retail Media closed loop solution

Empower your Brands with Smart E-commerce Shelf & Media Decisions

  • Shalion's digital shelf analytics offer a strategic pathway for brands to achieve global fame and recognition
  • By leveraging data-driven insights, brands can set new standards of excellence within yours category and beyond
  • Together, we can elevate your brand to unprecedented levels of prominence in the digital landscape
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Finally, Retail Media & Digital Shelf


Everywhere  |  Everytime  |  Every Location  |  Every device

Unmatched data quality

Effortless onboarding

Une personnalisation radicale

Unique retail media intelligence

La confiance des marques mondiales

What makes us different?

Delivering value to Brand through complete customization

We align our delivery, insights and use cases entirely to Brands' objectives & needs to help you achieve actionable business growth at speed and scale across the global digital shelf.




Shalion data collection

Proprietary end-to-end system adjusts retailer data collection to your needs.


Shalion data visualization

Align data delivery, analytics, and visualization with your business objectives to turn data into action.



Favorisez la croissance de votre rayon numérique grâce à une visibilité totale et à la couverture médiatique des détaillants.

Visibilité et suivi des médias eRetail

Se démarquer sur le plateau numérique : augmenter la part de visibilité de votre marque et de vos produits

Improve the ROI of your products and brand campaigns in the different retailers and monitor the evolution of your visibility on search, Ad Spaces, your share of shelf and promos to impact sales and grow share.

Share of spend
Share of visibility

Moniteur numérique d'étagère

Prenez le contrôle de tous les éléments et activez votre marque sur le plateau numérique.

Optimize your product information across hundreds of retailers, apps and locations. Control availability, content, pricing, promotions, ratings and reviews and compare your situation with your competitors.

Geo location

We have operational experience in Global Rollouts

We are already present in many of your target countries and are currently extracting data from many of your target retailers. For example, we currently supply:

Monitored retailers worldwide
Apps and quick
Years of extensive experience in Market Research and eCommerce

What out customers say

"Shalion is a great partner to work with. Their hands-on mentality and willingness to build the digital shelf tool around Kellogg's needs have impressed me since day one."

Christoph Sterkel
Head of eCommerce at Kellogg's
Northern and Eastern Europe

"Having a clear overview of how your brands and products are presented and performing is key. Shalion has been able to translate reliable data into insights to improve the confectionery category and our brands across different E-grocers in the Netherlands”

Kristoff Meeussen
Benelux eCommerce
Manager Perfetti Van Melle

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